Why Live in Williamsburg?

Williamsburg Brooklyn has a myriad of things to see, taste and experience. Not only is it rich in culture, but it’s diverse in the amount of art and creativity. You’re sure to be inspired to create a better life even if you’re not an artist. Another great thing about Williamsburg is that you don’t have to venture to Manhattan to have a wonderful day or night out.


Williamsburg offers fare for almost any pallet and budget. Try one of their amazing ramen Burgers and communal style eating places. There’s Chinese food, Thai food and Italian food. The Village Voice recommends Briskettown for their amazing brisket. Have breakfast all day every day at Egg, and enjoy some comfort food at Kristophe. Try some Di Fara Pizza which has been open since 1964!


Things to do

A popular place to check out is the Brooklyn Flea Market and the Williamsburg Smorgasbord. Local vendors and outside participants alike come out to sell and showcase their amazing products and art. Check out their blog to learn more! Do you like concerts and bowling? You can do both at Brooklyn Bowl. The parks offer outdoor movies and running tracks, as well as dog parks for your beloved pet. The Brooklyn Art Library has sketches from every artist you can imagine.


The Williamsburg art scene is in a category all of its own. Cinders, run by two artists, always has amazing work on display. The Parker’s Box gallery has amazing and varied paintings and art project for you to view. FreeWilliamsburg.com is a great source for indie art and other relevant events.